Bee Magick

 What can we do to help the bees?

We need to realize that honey bee health is based on the overall health and diversity of the ecosystem.  We want healthy bees- we need to ensure that we have healthy soils and diverse plant communities creating a never-ending orchestra of flowering bloom after bloom all year long.  No more poisons!  No more monoculture!  The most generous and unstoppable of plants - plants we demonize as weeds - are knocking on our doors to offer up their medicines to human and bee alike.  We need actual investment in the future fecundity by making sure we give back all the nutrition that we receive from every inch of soil.

It's time for humans to wake up and no longer believe the lies the chemical companies told us- no plant is an evil invader!  All plants are facets of the gem that is the generosity and wild love song of the earth to all life.

It is time to place the honey bee on the altar that she deserves and dedicate ourselves at her feet.  Worship and learn from they who transform the fleeting floral juices into immortal gold.  She has built her civilizations by being in service to all that she gathers.  My life's work is transforming into a temple of the Bee- a cure to monoculture thru poly-nation.

So until I am rooted, I remain a traveling medicine show singing her praises and crying tears to never forget her.

I call out to all of you who feel the awe and wonder and worship of the wild, feral, fertility of the future-
May we transform the world and the most scarred and poisoned fields of monoculture into wild diverse gardens flowering a new future into being.

So if you have assistance to offer towards the rooting, flowering, seeding and spreading of the Temple of the Bee, 
be it poetic or monetary, 
be it a place to land and build or 
a song in your heart needing to be sung,
be it a farm that the wild sleeps beneath 
needing it to be woken and tended-
offer it here and know that we are not alone
in love with the magic of the honey bee.