Gallery of Work

The Pixie Travelling Medicine Show brings you the medicine of the wild plant and animal people gathered and prepared with love and reverence to nourish body mind and spirit of all living beings. 

Benjamin Pixie offers custom leather work, ethically rewilding the world. For more information about custom leather work and prices please feel free to contact Benjamin
The word tanning comes from the old german Tanenbaum which originally referred to Oak or Fir trees- both rich sources of tannin.  Tannin is a medicinal constituent of plant skin used to defend the plant from infection, or being eaten.  When this medicine is extracted in water it has the potential to bind to the fiber network of animal skins creating a synthesis of animal and plant skin- Leather!  Prior to the 1800s and the advent of poisonous toxic metal tanning practices this is the way most leather was made. Thru word and deed I am keeping this ancient, beautiful and medicinal art alive, by teaching, creating, and loving natural and wild plants and animals and all the many ways they can come together.  Feel free to contact me if you desire a custom piece or want to host or organize a class on hide tanning, shoe making, leather working, etc.

Gallery of Leather & Medicine Magic

Hemlock Bark tanned Deer skin Shirt with 4 color herring bone stitch
and bark tanned salmon skin shoulder pieces

Salmon Leather Waist Coat with Abalone Buttons

Urine tanned Salmon Skin shirt with appliqué Yerba Mansa
Flower and Root

Barktanned Salmon leather root bag with Buckskin braided carrying strap

Brain-tanned Coyote hooded jacket

Oil tanned salmon skins curing

Bark tanned Deerskin pants tanned with Oak bark and Chestnut bark tanned deerskin riding boots
Braintanned deerskin shorts dyed with cochineal with abalone buttons
salmon leather beltbag with adipose fin closure

salmon leather medicine bag

baby buckskin vest with fancy collar
Barktan Deerskin & Salmon Leather
Tarot card Pouch Belt/Purse
Sweetness & Light
Barktan Salmon & Deer Magic
Plant Medicine