Upcoming Workshops and Lectures

Benjamin will be Co-facilitating the pollinator path at Surrender the Eco Sex Convergence at
Windward Farm Wahkiakus, WA June 17-21 2015   http://ecosexconvergence.org/  

 vending at the human Faerie Relations congress at Skalitude outside of Twisp, WA
June26th- 28th 2015.   http://fairycongress.com

Teaching and vending at Sacredness of Honeybees conference
outside of Vancouver, WA at Jaqueline Freeman's Farm

Teaching bark tanning, bee magic, mead making, and turn shoe making in Rexburg Idaho
from Sept 13th- 19th at Rabbitstick!

Teaching and Vending at Skalitude for Saskatoon Circle
September 26th thru October 2nd 2015

Teaching and Vending at Portland Plant Medicine
November 14 and 15 2015

Bee Medicine, Magic and Alchemy-
a weekend of medicine making, mead making and celebrating all things apian!
August 30 and  31st 9am- 6pm  Redmond WA

   This class will be a hands on celebration of the powerful and wild gifts of the plant world gathered and concentrated by the world's original plant medicine makers and original alchemists- the honey bees.
    Through the weekend we will learn how to draw from the honey bee and all the wildness she supports as not only our medicine, but also the base of all of our medicine making.  We will make infused honey, honey wine, learn about making honey based tincture menstrum, tincture making, distillation, and salve making.
     Benjamin will be sharing stories of Bees as stewards of the fecundity of life and examples of alternative styles of civilization that promote diversity. 
Through myth, story and honey tasting this class will ingest the sweet plant medicines of the bees while exploring the bitterness of our current experiments in civilization. We will discuss the poison and 
catastrophe of monoculture as exemplified in Colony Collapse Disorder. Through stories of powerful plants, pollinators and humans who remember we will untangle the webs of death and amnesia to grieve
 the losses and celebrate the beauties of being alive in these times of great change.  
While discussing the history of colonization, and doing the work of decolonization, we will focus on healing the damage to our world, psyches and bodies created by the poison idea of the human separation from the world- static ecosystems and invasive alien species.  Through recognizing the medicines the plants have to offer to our ecosystems, bodies, souls, and lineages, this class will take steps to healing the wounds of poison, and xenophobia, and also to celebrate the beauty of diaspora while not forgetting it's casualties.

Benjamin Pixie is a beekeeper, herbalist, wild foods lover, crafter of and with the wild, magician, teacher and practitioner of ancestral skills.  He studied plant medicine from Michael Moore at the southwest school of botanical medicine.  His work in this world is in celebrating the much entangled gifts and medicines of plants and animals. He sees plant medicine as a portal to destroy the division between humans and nature- a door to become  an active dancing participant in the wild world all around us.