Upcoming Workshops and Lectures

Attending the Aphrodite Temple in Portland August 14th-16th
Portlanders! Feel free to contact for medicine or magick!

Teaching and vending at Sacredness of Honeybees conference
outside of Vancouver, WA at Jaqueline Freeman's Farm

Vending at NW Herb Symposium on Whidbey Island 
August27- 30th

Vending at the Breitenbush Herbal Conference September 10th-13th

Teaching and Vending at Skalitude for Saskatoon Circle
September 26th thru October 2nd 2015

Teaching and Vending at Portland Plant Medicine
November 14 and 15 2015

Benjamin Pixie is a beekeeper, herbalist, wild foods lover, crafter of and with the wild, magician, teacher and practitioner of ancestral skills.  He studied plant medicine from Michael Moore at the southwest school of botanical medicine.  His work in this world is in celebrating the much entangled gifts and medicines of plants and animals. He sees plant medicine as a portal to destroy the division between humans and nature- a door to become  an active dancing participant in the wild world all around us.