Upcoming Workshops and Lectures

Teaching & Vending at The Village At Lightning in a Bottle Festival

Green Gathering on Camano Island
June 10th-12th

Surrender: the Ecosex Convergence
June 15th-19th 2016

Vending at the Human Faery Relations Congress Twisp, WA
June 24th- 26th 2016

Benjamin  Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life.  He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth.  In addition to beekeeping, he is a mead maker, a conjurer of spirits, herbalist, a hide tanner, leather worker, & warrior poet. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches.  He dedicates his passion and work toward re-membering our world out of monoculture-nightmares back into the diverse and wild flowering garden-temples that it once was and will be.  He has been pollinating hearts, minds, & plants throughout the west over the last few years on tour with the Pixie Travelling Medicine Show.